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French- Cat eyes

28 Jan

This is my latest addiction, the cat eye makeup. I’ve been in love with it for a while and it’s time to share some pics about it. I made this for a party I went to. Let me know what you think 🙂

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I’d really like to know what’s your latest addiction in makeup, girls: Adyna, Sandra, Honey Bunny, Andreea, A beauty tale, Anda, Ami, Deea, Iulia, Roxie ….everyone else who wants to share 🙂


How to make a paper box

15 Dec

In the spirit of Christmas I made a tutorial for you,explaining how you can easily do a paper box. Feel free to use your imagination and decorate it the way you like, and show me what you did!! I made the tutorial on white simple paper so you can see the basic process. Good luck!