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Veggie fryday – carrots/morcovi

23 Nov

RO: Mana sus cine uraste legumele!!
Daca ma intrebati asta anul trecut, ridicam doua maini. Daca ma intrebati asta cand eram mica, va dadeam si-o palma 😂 Azi ridic doar una si va chem la masa!

Morcovii nu sunt preferatii mei, nu imi place gustul lor crud, insa vreau sa mananc mai multe legume in general asa ca experimentez in bucatarie diverse retete prin care sa le gatesc in asa fel incat sa mi se para delicioase.

O portie de morcovi pai:
2 morcovi mari
50 g unt

Am taiat morcovii jumatati si i-am pus la fiert sa se inmoaie putin, dar nu prea mult. 10-15 min de fiebere sunt suficiente, luati o furculita si testati-i: daca intra usor atunci sunt gata.
Am scos morcovii pe un fund (de tocat :)) ) si i-am taiat fasii lungi, ca si cum ar fi cartofi pai.
I-am pus intr-un castron cu untul care s-a topit pentru ca erau inca fierbinti si am pus peste ei, dupa gust, sare, piper si putina salvie.
I-am prajit intr-o tigaie de teflon fara sa mai pun ulei pentru ca ei erau unsi cu unt.

Sincer, nu credeam ca voi manca morcovi prea curand, dar sub forma asta o sa-i gatesc mai des.


EN: Simple Carrots Frites

I’m not a big fan of veggies, but I’m working on it. Carrots are one of my least favourite dishes that’s why I was so impressed about how delicious they turned out. They don’t really taste like carrots anymore, maybe that’s why I like them!! 😂

Carrots for one:
2 big carrots
50 g butter

Boil the carrots in half until they soften up and you can get a fork through.
Get them out of the water and cut them in long thin sticks, as if you’d cook french fries.
Put them in a bowl with butter, salt, pepper and sage and mix them all together.
Fry them in a non-sticky pan without any oil because they’re soaked in butter.

Enjoy a delicious side dish and try it for your veggie haters friends…you might be the one to bring them on the right track!!


French- Cat eyes

28 Jan

This is my latest addiction, the cat eye makeup. I’ve been in love with it for a while and it’s time to share some pics about it. I made this for a party I went to. Let me know what you think 🙂

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I’d really like to know what’s your latest addiction in makeup, girls: Adyna, Sandra, Honey Bunny, Andreea, A beauty tale, Anda, Ami, Deea, Iulia, Roxie ….everyone else who wants to share 🙂