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Pinky princess. NOTD

12 Jan

My printzi like manicure of the day: am ales Flormar 381, roz deschis, baby pink, whatever, iar pe unghiile degetului inelar am folosit glitter pudra argintiu cu reflexii multicolore.

Ipad pic, deci calitatea nu e punctul forte al pozei 🙂



Mom, I’m a Weasley now.

9 Feb

I decided to change again my hair color, this time to ginger. Actually, it’s not my first time as a red head, but I think it’s the best i’ve had. I used Kallos haircolor, in “vilagos rezvoros 7.4” and “vilagos rezszoke 9.4″[hungarian for light copper red and light copper blonde]. My brother helped with the process, I had a minor incident with some color near my left eye, but he did impressively well for his first time dying hair. Below is my inspirational photo, I really don’t know to whom it belongs, if you do, let me know and I’ll tag it.

And here it’s a picture with me, almost the same color[artificial lightening] just shorter hair [I really need hair extensions 😦 ]

I guess my addiction for 9gag paid off eventually, since I have no “soul” I became a Weasley :)) Let me know what you think about my new haircolor, do I look like a natural redhead??….not likely, but i tried!!!

Eyeliner/Cat eye tutorials

7 Feb

I love the eyeliner technique and I decided to show you my favorite tutorials on Youtube, maybe soon I will be able to make some of my own. I hope you easily understand how to do the look and you can explore this amazing make-up feature by yourself. As you’ve probably noticed, I love cat-eyes make-up and I like to do it more dramatic than the usual, but I advise you to explore and find your perfect shape of cat-eyes.

Trial and error, then breathtaking success!


The Hotness Beauty



Michael James – YES! a guy showing you how to apply eyeliner! be jealous :))





Angelina Jolie cat eye by Pixiwoo



2 Feb

I’m pretty sure there are a lot of Gossip Girl addicted people around here, so they know what I talk about, but for those who don’t, I just want to remind you the easy way to complete an outfit: the HEADBAND. Blair Waldorf actually reinvented this style, she wears headbands on every occasion and it seems that she pulls it off quite great everytime.

I love headbands but I don’t have a lot myself, I have a good friend who has somewhere around 50 pieces (Mihaela, that’s you in case you didn’t figure it out yet) :)).

Pros: versatility, easy to wear with all sort of outfits, they don’t require other accesories, if you don’t lose them they last quite long, they keep your hair from falling into your face,  ..[list open]

Cons: I HATE the fact that most of them give you severe headache after a long day of wearing them. big hate!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can find more photos in my FB group: Beauty Hunters .

What do you think about headbands? do you usually wear them??

Makeup does wonders…it really does!

17 Jan

“we all have a ‘friend’ “…. well not exactly a friend but an aquaitance who looks awesome in pictures and in reality not even close… I don’t want to be rude by saying this, but The difference between face with makeup and face without shouldn’t be as big as it is in some cases… i mean, some girls don’t look the same with makeup on, it’s like they changed to a whole new person …

If you wear makeup, how much is too much? Where is the line between enhancing yourself and completely transform yourself????

A moral question should be asked here… if you are ugly [face it, if your mom is the only one to think you are beautiful you are ugly] -so- if you’re ugly and you want to improve that, regardless of all you other talents, you decide to put a mask through makeup, do you really become fake?? I’m not sure what I think about these people…I’d say it’s quite admirable to try your best to be pretty for yourself and for others, but on the other hand, what if you turn into total fake???

do you have a friend like that? is she or isn’t she fake??

i really need help with this dilemma….


What if it doesn’t snow for Christmas?

28 Nov

A friend of mine just posted this on his Facebook wall, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hawOAtZcW9o . It’s Joe Pesci’s If it doesn’t snow for christmas song…. never heard of it before, not my alltime favorite but it certainly gave me something to write about.


I ♥ snow, i’m not madly in love with it, but i love the snowy weather and the holidays that come with it… or at least I hope they will…

Still, what if it doesn’t snow for Christmas? I’ll be sad. It wouldn’t be the first time, but for the last few years we had so little snow for Christmas that I almost got used to it. However, not a year goes by without recalling the awesome memories of my childhood when everything was so deep covered in snow, especially the morning after the first snowfall when you wake up and look outside the window and get blinded by the light reflected in the snow. Painful, but beautiful.

I’m a big fan of beauty found in small things, so I consider snow to be. beauty in small things, small unique snowflakes. This middle of october I was at the mountains in Fundata-Cheile Gradistei and it started snowing like crazy after a foggy, cold day. When we left Bucharest it was late summer, we found autumn in the noon and winter at night. It was absolutely fabulolus to see how in 4-5 hours everything went white and perfect. Snow-fight like those in childhood, hot cinnamon red wine, inadequate clothes for such a weather, friends and fun. This is the memory of my first snow this year and I hope I’ll get to make at least another memory like this by the end of the year. 😀

Do you remember the last time you enjoyed snow? I most certainly do.

By the way, it WILL snow for Christmas. I can feel it will.


The Dilemma of assh*les

7 Nov

I have some sort of a dilemma that’s been haunting me for a while and I’m sure you beautiful readers of mine have it too. How come I always get the wrong kind of attention?

Consider the following premises [subjectivity is implied] : i think of myself as an attractive young woman and I’ve been reminded of that by many people. I usually love to be given a compliment because I’m what you may call an attention-wh*re and I thankfully offer a compliment back. I rarely go out without make-up or in sport clothes, so you see me around in skirts and dresses with pretty-face make-up on. Now, let me tell you something about Romania, or at least about Bucharest. No offense, but this country/city has a LOT of beautiful girls and a whole lot more ugly men. You walk the streets and you turn your head around to admire at least 10 girls on a large boulevard but you see a really HANDSOME man so rare that you may think they’re part of an extinct species. I will never say this is entirely true, but it has been confirmed in the last months so often that it really makes me sad to write about.

Therefore, in the streets of this lovely Bucharest, a lot of individuals don’t know how to approach a lady. They yell, they shout, they bark[!], they whistle, they harrass, they invade personal space, they treat women like animals or objects, they make embarassing remarks and they insist…over and over again with the same behaviour. I am tired of looking good for a bunch of assholes. Don’t get me wrong, I love MEN, but these people I was talking about are so close to animals that it scares me.

Going back to my dilemma, the inner restless question is: What is to be done when you get involved in this kind of situation? How do you protect yourself from the urban jungle??

And more important, at what cost you dress up beautiful, for yourself?