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7 ways to wear a scarf

11 Oct

In my opinion, wearing a scarf is one of the easiest ways available to enhance an outfit and make it stand off without trying too much. The visual impact rises with a bold pattern scarf and a timeless piece like Hermes’ can compliment hundreds of outfits over the years.
There are a few things to consider when buying and wearing a scarf, but before we go there I want to show you what i drew to illustrate my favorite ways of wearing such a piece. First I will show you 7 ways of wearing it, then I shall give you 7 pieces of advice to help you pick up such a great accessory!


1. Match the scarf to your personality
Like any other accessory, I strongly advise you to buy only the things that represent you, that feel like a “part of your soul”, because wearing an object that truly shows who you are is more important than matching the latest trends. However, don’t ignore the latter and pay attention to the newest and hottest fashion trends, pick the ones you find appropriate for your personality then read on to see how you can match a scarf to a fashionable outfit.

2. Buy 100% silk
Do you really need me to tell you why you should buy only natural fabrics? A high quality silk scarf is a good investment, versatile enough to be worn with both day and night outfits, but more important, high quality shows beyond a visible brand name. You can tell by the quality of the pattern, the smoothness of the fabric and the lasting colors that a scarf will become a timeless piece in your wardrobe.
Plastic is for inanimate objects, don’t do synthetic fabrics if you have natural alternatives for your clothes. If you still love a scarf and it has a lot of syntethic fiber in it, the least you can do is to treat that scarf with fabric conditioner.
FAIL ALERT: polyester scarves produce hair frizz and you sure know how annoying that gets when you can’t get the hair out of your face and you fell that static electricity sting everytime you touch something!!

3. Beware overaccessorizing
You put a scarf around your neck. You tie one around your bag. You wear multiple bracelets, statement earrings and a big watch. I look at you and see a christmas tree, not a lady. My point is, don’t do more than another jewelry piece if you go for a scarf and make sure they compliment each other instead of showing off separately.
TIP: check out for tutorials on how to tie your piece!

4. Colourful is not always better!
If you have trouble deciding what’s your favorite color and you want to wear them all, you definitely have a problem if you wear them at the same time. I could write a book about colours and colour coordination, but i’m not starting here. My colourful advice on matching a scarf is to GO SAFE at first and wear a colourful scarf with a neutral outfit, because the pattern on the scarf itself is hard to match if it shows more than 3 tones.
IF you’re confident enough, you can try picking up a colour from your scarf, tone it down and wear a softer hue of it on your other items, but if you wear two or more items in your outfit (dress +jacket or blouse+pants+cardigan etc) I would advise you to do two neutrals and only another coloured one.

5. Thrift stores can be gold mines
Leave your pride aside and shop with the poor. No matter how much money you have, you will rarely find timeless pieces in mall boutiques…the best scarves I bought were found in thrift stores and the pattern, the colors and the fabric were absolutely amazing! I bought an original Hermes for less than 1 €/$, but that’s because I was lucky and they had no idea what a beauty they were selling there! If you decide to give it a go, prepare to spend some time searching for a beautiful piece, don’t buy anything with visible flaws, discolorations or stains and pay attention to buy 100% natural fabrics!
You usually spend some time browsing for tips on how to spot an authentic scarf, but here’s a great HOW TO RECOGNIZE AUTHENTIC HERMÈS by, it was really useful for me when i was researching whether the scarf I found is original or not. It is ❤

6. Shop for the basics first
It’s quite simple, pick a number under 9 for starters, then think of scarves in different patterns to buy. You should need a striped one, a floral, a chain&equestrian inspired one, a vintage damasc pattern, one with an etnic pattern, at least a silk one, then a cotton one…just adjust the number of scarves you can afford to the patterns you want to own and buy variations of those you love best.

7. Know the stars
Do a little research and know how the famous scarves look like, what are the top brands and how to recognise the best pieces. You will never know what you find in thrift stores or at vintage fairs, therefore take your time and identify the famous items you’d love to have and match your personality, then go explore your options and buy similar good quality pieces and start building your own collection.
If you decide to shop fot pretty scarves, take a look on my FB Page, Fashion from the closet, for I will post there a few scarves I have for sale.

Believe me, once you find some good stuff you’ll grow a new addiction.
To help you even more, here are a few links from my favorite scarf related articles:
Thebudgetfashionsta gives you 20 ideas on how to tie a scarf. My favorites are no 5 and 17. Really cool ideas!
One of the largest virtual collections of Hermès scarves available online can be seen here. Take a look through the gallery and keep in mind a few favorites next time you look for an original one in a thrift store. The more you learn about them, the easier it will be to spot them right on!

Have fun shopping for such an amazing item and let me know if you want more info about this subject!

Romania, BestJobs si concursuri trisate.

9 Jun

Cum poti sti daca o echipa triseaza intr-un concurs? ei bine,nu prea poti, singuri care ar avea sanse sa dezvaluie asta sunt organizatorii, tu poti doar sa semnalezi lucrurile dubioase, care sar in ochi la prima vedere… Cu toate astea, nu voi acuza pe nimeni ca a trisat la concurs si a castigat in consecinta, va voi povesti, din punctul meu de vedere cum a fost concursul American Dream Team de la Bestjobs, mai ales pentru ca voi, toti cei care ne-ati sustinut cu atata indarjire timp de o luna meritati o explicatie. Nu se poate sa nu va spun din culise cum am adunat noi voturile si ce alte observatii am facut legate de echipa adversa 🙂

Inainte de a incepe toata povestirea, va rog ca la final sa-mi lasati un comentariu cu parerea voastra sincera despre tot ce s-a intamplat, si cu alte lucruri pe care le-ati observat si mie mi-au scapat.

BestJobs a organizat acest concurs pentru echipe formate din 5 persoane, care trebuia sa posteze zilnic articole si sa le dea mai departe catre prieteni si cunoscuti pentru a aduna zilnic, timp de o luna, voturile care le vor aduce victoria. Noi am fost 5 de la inceput, dar pana sa confirme fiecare locul in echipa(desi cererea fusese trimisa) cele care erau deja confirmate postasera articole si adunasera voturi, voturi care au fost taiate in momentul in care a confirmat urmatorul sau ultimul membru al echipei. (lucru nespecificat in regulament)

Strategia noastra a fost sa ne impartim sarcinile, iar in fiecare zi o fata din echipa sa posteze 10 articole, pe care ulterior toate 5 le dadeam mai departe prietenilor nostri pe Facebook, prin postari pe wall si mesaje private. Nu stiu exact de celelalte, dar dintre prietenii mei (~1500) doar vreo 20 maxim au votat in FIECARE zi, iar din partea altor 3-400 am obtinut voturi mai rar, cand i-am rugat in mod expres sa voteze. Tot in ceea ce ma priveste, am postat mesaje prin care sa ii rog sa ne voteze pe toti membri grupurilor de pe facebook din care faceam parte si am fost placut surprinsa sa vad cum oameni pe care nu ii cunosc personal si-au rupt cateva minute sa intre pe site si sa ne voteze. Astfel, in unele zile adunam mai mult, in altele mai putin, dar constant, si ziua si noaptea, voturile noastre cresteau. Acelasi lucru si ritm de crestere l-am observat la contracandidatele noastre de la SATC NY, care posibil adunau voturile in acelasi fel. Pentru o perioada ne-a fost greu sa ne luptam cu ele, si credeam ca vom fi mereu la un punctaj apropiat, dar se pare ca strategia anterioara a avut efect si ne-am distantat la cateva mii de voturi datorita prietenilor de pe Facebook, din toate grupurile din care facem parte.

Cu aprox 10 zile inainte sa se incheie concursul, apare aceasta echipa, “nascuti pentru victorie”, care urca rapid in clasament, depasind si 3000 de voturi zilnic. Acest lucru ne-a dat de banuit dupa o vreme cand intr-o dimineata ne trezim ca au ajuns pe locul 3, asa, de nicaieri. M-am decis sa le verific voturile articol cu articol, mai ales pentru ca sustinatorul nostru, Alex, mi-a atras atentia ca si el le-a urmarit ritmul de crestere si a observat asa: dupa o perioada de stagnare foarte lunga, voturile lor cresteau in cateva cu ore cu cel putin o mie doua de voturi, multe in acelasi timp, lucru pe care nu l-am observat nici atunci cand echipa mea a convins multe persoane sa voteze rapid intr-o perioada de timp. Noi nu am putut obtine o asa crestere pentru ca 10 voturi ici 10 voturi colo necesita anterior o munca de convingere din partea noastra si una de explicare a procesului de votare, lucru care ia mai mult timp. Reiau, primul lucru care ni s-a parut dubios a fost cresterea mare si imediata a voturilor echipei concurente.

Am facut un mic research despre membrii echipei respective. 5 persoane, 2 familii si inca un tip. Am aflat de pe youtube ca Petre Marta Cristina a fost prinsa folosind un sistem informatic pentru a trisa la un concurs. video aici – urmariti si comentariile

Al doilea lucru pe care l-am aflat despre Florin Marta, este ca a participat la multe alte concursuri online, insa cel de la Jameson(<click pt video)  ne-a atras atentia, din cauza urmatorului comentariu: “aici ori e mana diavolului, ori e mana haker -ului. cum se poate ca peste noapte sa sari la 2000 de like-uri. Daca te-ai fi oprit la 500-600-700 poate nu era atat de evident. Nici macar Justin Bieber nu are un raport asa mare de eficienta, 2,809 de vizualizari si 2,064 de like-uri. ah, si cum se face ca din atat de multi oameni care au indragit acest film si au dat like, nu au postat nici un comentariu.adinacstanescu 4 months ago

Ce era sa mai facem? Din moment ce ei adunau voturi atat de repede si atat de multe, ne-am gandit ca au in spate o sustinere ridicata, probabil sunt persoane foarte populare si au multi prieteni pe Facebook si asa…..ei bine, surpriza a fost ca in momentul in care le-am verificat profilele, am descoperit urmatoarele: Florin Marta- 541 prieteni, Adryan Tocileanu – 103 prieteni, Valeriu Bogdan – 2456, Vali Bogdan- 590 prieteni, mult mai putini decat ne asteptam sa fie. Ca idee de comparatie, noi avem:  Roxi Lazar – 1500, Oana Moraru – 1031, Corina Oana – 653.

Apoi, le-am verificat postarile. In prima zi au postat 33 de articole, apoi la 1-2 zile cate 10 pe zi. Dupa cum am observat la echipa noastra si la echipa SATC, voturile noi erau acordate celor mai recente articole postate. In schimb, in echipa celor “nascuti pentru victorie”, voturile pentru articolele recente erau foarte mici, in schimb, pe masura ce treceau zilele, voturile de la prima zi de concurs se mareau din ce in ce mai mult, si tot asa catre ziua cea mai recenta. Personal, nu inteleg cum s-a intamplat asta, poate ca fanii lor nu functioneaza dupa acelasi sistem ca al nostru :)))) uitati-va si singuri aici, dati in jos pana la inceputul concursului lor sa vedeti cum sunt impartite voturile.

Ca sa nu mai lungesc aiurea povestea, ne-au depasit in ultimele 3 ore ale concursului si asa am pierdut munca depusa de sute de oameni timp de o luna, in a ne sustine. Nu pot decat sa le multumesc din suflet pentru ajutor sustinatorilor, iar tuturor celor care citesc acest articol, sa ii rog sa judece singuri prin ce-am trecut noi in ultima saptamana si sa isi spuna parerea sincer, sa ne explice daca este posibil cum au facut sa castige cei anterior numiti, pentru ca eu personal nu imi pot da seama.

De asemenea, daca mai cunoasteti alte lucruri legate de contracandidatii nostri sau orice alte informatii folositoare, lasati intr-un comentariu toate informatiile, iar daca organizatorii citesc acest lucru, ii rugam sa ne lamureasca despre cum s-a desfasurat concursul in amanunt, si cum au reusit acestia sa castige, in cat timp/persoana au adunat voturile si de la cate pers in ansamblu

Multumesc tuturor pentru ca ati citit si dati mai departe povestea noastra daca vi se pare interesanta!!

4 Feb

E weekend si ne distram!

30 Jan

Andra launched a new challenge. Are you in my darlings?


Noul trend din 2012 este “water marble nail art”. Se numeste asa petru ca pictarea unghiilor se face in apa. Zilele trecute am gasit aceasta tehnica in timp ce cautam cateva modele dragute pentru pictat unghiile. Trebuie sa spun ca este un pic greoi tot procesul dar ca in final merita toata osteneala. Poti sa te joci atat cu diferitele culori de oja cat si cu imprimeurile. Bineinteles ca am cautat si un tutorial cat mai reusit si l-am gasit pe acesta, facut de mysimplelittlepleasures:

Spor la treaba, fetelor! Mi-ar placea sa vad ce a iesit .

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29 Jan

I use this. and for a scrub, I add coffee to the honey 🙂

Teenage Storm

‘Spot the Difference’

Tired of buying facial cleansers? Or maybe you feel like making one of your own? This combination of honey, oliver oil and lemon is a fantastic cleanser and will zap any spots as well. This reciepe was thanks to Beauty Masks and Scrubs, which you can buy from for only £3, here!

-150g white sugar

-1.5 tablespoons lemon juice

-1 tablespoon olive oil

-1 tablespoon manuka (or regular) honey

Mix all the ingredients together and put into a container. (I use empty jam jars.) To use, massage into wet skin and wash off with warm water. This mixture can be stored for several weeks in a fridge.

Time for a question.. Did you like this DIY face mask? Drop a comment below =)

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28 Jan

Amazing DYI. Go on and explore this new trend…i’m sure I will.

Cum supravietuiesti Bucurestiului iarna?

25 Jan

A nins recent si canalizarea nu mai face fata, drept pentru care, in timpul zilei se flescaieste toata zapada si in preajma intersectiilor se formeaza mici lacuri. Am mers azi de la Universitate la Unirii si am auzit injuraturi ca in nicio alta zi. Toate indreptate spre iarna, spre balti si spre administratia incapabila sa faca fata “iernii”.

Eu eram singura satisfacuta,singura care se bucura de iarna in capitala.Pentru ca purtam CIZME DE CAUCIUC!

Ca fapt divers, va spun ca urasc UGG-urile, nu le-as purta decat in casa sau undeva la munte, izolata de civilizatie. Pe de alta parte, sunt o mare fana a cizmelor de cauciuc, pe care vi le recomand cu mare drag, iarna pe zapada si in orice alt sezon pe ploaie.

Cumparati-va o pereche cu un numar mai mare si incaltati sosete groase, acesta e sfatul meu pentru o iarna calduroasa si uscata 🙂

Cizmele mele sunt luate de la Decathlon, nu cred ca e niciun secret in asta. Costa 60 ron si am vazut la multe fete prin oras, deci nu am motive sa-mi ascund sursa :))

Voi cum faceti fata iernii in capitala?