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When to listen? When to speak?

23 Jul

What’s wrong with you? What are you planning to do with your life? Why do you love this place? … if you had to answer at least one of these questions recently you know what I’m writing about. Sometimes I reply, sometimes I’m just tired to answer questions that don’t really need my reply. They may be parents, siblings, friends or strangers asking this, but no matter the answer I give, if they’re not open minded enough or at least willing to understand my explanation, I’m doing it in vain.

ImageI believe people are amazing in their differences, but if it were to put them in two categories, I would choose the fits and the misfits. It’s neither good or bad, it’s subjective and it mostly depends on each one’s point of view. Do I fit or not where I am now? I tend to think I don’t. However, changing the social background I might end up in a community where I’d fit perfectly. Would I be happier there? Who the fuck knows!

Everyone of us goes through the both categories mentioned earlier and they are usually analised by how much time they spend in general in one of them. Given a certain social situation, you either fit or don’t. You’re cool or just weird. At the end of the day, you can look back and see if the people you met today saw you more socially acceptable or just a quirky misfit. The next day you might be the opposite. Gathering all this feed-back, people make their own opinion about you: some of them stick the label from the first encounter, others pay a little more attention to your behaviour, but in the end you’re all socially tagged by everyone you know – it’s like wearing an invisible outfit made out of nametags.Image

Change is the most amazing social behaviour I know, sometimes it comes naturally, sometimes you have to force it, it’s a quick shift or a deep movement…whatever it’s like, people change and you have to deal with it. They may change for better, they may change for worse, be prepared. You also change, so don’t be surprised when people you’ve met a long time ago say with regret that you’re not the same person anymore. Live your life so you can answer proudly: of course I’m not the same, I’m much, much better.

‘Be yourself’ it’s sometimes the worst advice you can give to some people, I’d love to see encouragement when a good behaviour shows up and social punishment when devious acts appear. ImageBoth appreciation and critique should become part of our daily life, it’s up to us to change ourselves and other for the better, for instance: how many times did you point to a stranger that it’s wrong to toss an empty plastic bottle on the street? How many times did you congratulate someone on not littering cigarette bums on the street?
Speak up, people! That’s what makes the difference!
Paying attention to others, encouraging or correcting someone’s behaviour are equally important in everyday life if we want to see change happening.Image

Romania it’s the ultimate land of ignorance. No one gives a fuck about the people around them, they all live from one day to the other, exploiting the nature and this earth like they have another planet to live on.

You think this is true? Maybe. It’s the good and the bad kind of maybe, since Romania it’s not the only country where this happens, however, it’s a country where you also find people who care. A LOT of them. They’re just too shy and quiet. They think the worst about their neighbours and the society, judging solely based on the messages they receive from this sick media of ours. Proactivity is unknown to them, they settle for the average life standards and they build social walls around their families forgetting to put some windows to see that the walls other people build are made from the same material and inside those everyone has a beautiful garden.

This amazing country I live in it’s in a metaphorically paradox of hell and paradise combined. People are beautiful, smart and powerful, but they forgot how to explore this about themselves. Each one has his secret garden getaway from the daily life, but when they look around they see only the walls others build, the same walls they’ve built, no windows, no doors, just dog shit and grim views.

Walls can be climbed, walls can be destroyed, walls fall.

It’s up to each and every one of us to get out of our comfort zone and see that we’re not that different. We should stop thinking negatively about others before we even interact with them.

Learn to LISTEN, learn to SPEAK. It’s that easy.

If you’re inclined to believe that everything is bad around you and everyone is mean and heartless, you will see that in every message that reaches up to you.
No one is born bad, everyone has a story they’re yearning to tell, but we all listen to little and when we do we only pretend to understand. I did that too, but I try to avoid doing it again in the future. Image
Tune down the voices in you head that say for instance that a tattooed young man is a loser and a pot head- that tattoo might honor his dead parents or a near death experience, he might be the future doctor who will save your kid’s life or your future son in law. Stop judging, start listening, this was just a random example, I bet you can find more.

This country of mine, full of don’t give a fuck-ers, is also the land of beautiful stories waiting to be discovered.

How can I ever hate this place who has so many amazing people to meet? You just thought of at least three reasons I should go away and never return, but I can look over the misery, the un-educated individuals, the corruption, the burdens of everyday life and the countless moments of “why am I still here?”, because at the end of the day, nothing can match finding someone like you to talk to, with good ideas to share, great advice to give and a lot of hopes for a better day.

Take this as a thank you for meeting me and telling me your story. Thank you for being in my news feed, in the magazines I read, at the places I visit and in my daily life. And you are so many! How can I lose hope that Romania will get better when I see good ideas put into action everyday, positive feed back on social activities and many, oh-so-many, new faces that get involved in their community, bringing good vibes and smiles for everyone?

We are the power, we are many and we can change together for the better, just listen to the people around you, get to know them and realise you are NOT alone…

..then speak up your mind and act accordingly!

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will you set the score right?

13 Jan

Via 9gag, the place to whom i lost my soul to.

Ah, love.

20 Dec


18 Dec

If I ever lose my sight, I’ll still be able to feel the sunlight. It’s the beautiful moon that I’m going to miss.


picture taken at Mocearu lake, one july night.


…just a random thought for the night. what would you miss?



28 Nov

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