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MAC face charts

9 Mar

I’ve been quite busy lately so i abandoned this blog and i’m sorry for that. To make up to you, here’s a make-up goldmine of MAC face charts i’ve just found on, this girl deserves an award for the quest she’s put up to gather all the mac face charts in one place. This is my new favorite stash of inspiring work, so you give it a go too!!!! -entire MAC face Collection.

And because it’s rude to leave you without a picture in this post, here’s another dear picture of mine, with all the face shapes, it really comes in handy when you need quick info!! download it and share it!

Eyeliner/Cat eye tutorials

7 Feb

I love the eyeliner technique and I decided to show you my favorite tutorials on Youtube, maybe soon I will be able to make some of my own. I hope you easily understand how to do the look and you can explore this amazing make-up feature by yourself. As you’ve probably noticed, I love cat-eyes make-up and I like to do it more dramatic than the usual, but I advise you to explore and find your perfect shape of cat-eyes.

Trial and error, then breathtaking success!


The Hotness Beauty



Michael James – YES! a guy showing you how to apply eyeliner! be jealous :))





Angelina Jolie cat eye by Pixiwoo


French- Cat eyes

28 Jan

This is my latest addiction, the cat eye makeup. I’ve been in love with it for a while and it’s time to share some pics about it. I made this for a party I went to. Let me know what you think 🙂

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I’d really like to know what’s your latest addiction in makeup, girls: Adyna, Sandra, Honey Bunny, Andreea, A beauty tale, Anda, Ami, Deea, Iulia, Roxie ….everyone else who wants to share 🙂