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Red & gray glitter nails

3 Nov

Here’s a cool idea for weekend festive nails:
Get a red nailpolish, a grey one and another one with red and grey glitter.


I wanted to have a hint of colour only on my ring fingers, therefore I applied the grey nailpolish in two layers on every nail except those two fingers where I applied one layer of deep red polish.
On top of every nail I added a layer of glitter, and as you can see the base colour brings out different particles from the glitter polish, you could even say I used two different glitter shades!
Don’t forget to add a top coat to protect the colours!

Smart TIP: to get a cheap nailpolish to last longer, use glitter on top. (Glitter polishes wear off harder than a normal polish)

I used cheap nailpolishes for this manicure but I will do it again with better products, maybe to wear a similar idea for the Christmas party!

Here’s what I ended up with, where would you wear this kind of nails?


Fall. Wild.

27 Aug

Today was the first summer day when I saw Autumn’s bannermen arrive: grapes ripening, Kinder surprise back in stores, mornings starting with rain and nightfall bringing that cold breeze that gives me shivers. For the first time ever, I like autumn.
As much as people say about spring that she comes with fresh starts, new projects and new goals to achieve, I find it more appropriate to calm down and think about career and life plans at the end of summer, when everything settles, when thoughts gain a sharp outline and the colder weather clears the mind.
I will make the most out of this autumn and I already made a promise to myself that, by the time the first snowflake arrives, I will be sure what I want to do next year.
I just came back from Amsterdam, a lovely city with a balanced vibe, however I can’t get my thoughts straight about anything I want to do. It’s like – the moment I set foot again in Romania my mind went back to chaos. Visiting Amsterdam for a week made me realise a few things about myself and my goals. I thought I had it all figured out, but I was wrong, I still have a lot of thinking to do.
Does the environment you live in reflect in how you think and act? I really think it does. The beautiful romanian chaos gives me a lot of good ideas and good vibes, but they are all accompanied by unsettling feelings, anxiety, insecurity and overthinking.
My thoughts to work on this fall are mainly the following: I have to leave this country for a while.
I have to develop my artistic side and turn it into my career.
I must focus on one thing at a time.
I must never stop doing what I want.
I must be out in the wild more often.

My thought of the night: night time is supposed to be special, cities bring too much altered light to it and so nature’s glow fades away, stars barely shine, the sound of nature is tuned down by sirens and honks…if I could, just for one night, I would turn off the city’s lights and sounds. How many would be scared to death? How many would enjoy the darkness and the silence?
I can’t get my mind around the fact that some people don’t like being out in the wild. I crave for the silence and the beauty of the forests I used to fear as a child, I wish to spend more time at the seaside or on the brink of a river, I want to spend summer nights cuddling under the clear sky, watching the moon rise and set while no artificial sound would interrupt nature’s sounds.

Why don’t people appreciate more this feeling of complete freedom? Are they more scared by their inner light or by the sound of their thoughts?

Until now, I haven’t found anything better than spending time in the wilderness, enjoying the silence and the pure beauty of remote places, far away from the city. Have you?


When to listen? When to speak?

23 Jul

What’s wrong with you? What are you planning to do with your life? Why do you love this place? … if you had to answer at least one of these questions recently you know what I’m writing about. Sometimes I reply, sometimes I’m just tired to answer questions that don’t really need my reply. They may be parents, siblings, friends or strangers asking this, but no matter the answer I give, if they’re not open minded enough or at least willing to understand my explanation, I’m doing it in vain.

ImageI believe people are amazing in their differences, but if it were to put them in two categories, I would choose the fits and the misfits. It’s neither good or bad, it’s subjective and it mostly depends on each one’s point of view. Do I fit or not where I am now? I tend to think I don’t. However, changing the social background I might end up in a community where I’d fit perfectly. Would I be happier there? Who the fuck knows!

Everyone of us goes through the both categories mentioned earlier and they are usually analised by how much time they spend in general in one of them. Given a certain social situation, you either fit or don’t. You’re cool or just weird. At the end of the day, you can look back and see if the people you met today saw you more socially acceptable or just a quirky misfit. The next day you might be the opposite. Gathering all this feed-back, people make their own opinion about you: some of them stick the label from the first encounter, others pay a little more attention to your behaviour, but in the end you’re all socially tagged by everyone you know – it’s like wearing an invisible outfit made out of nametags.Image

Change is the most amazing social behaviour I know, sometimes it comes naturally, sometimes you have to force it, it’s a quick shift or a deep movement…whatever it’s like, people change and you have to deal with it. They may change for better, they may change for worse, be prepared. You also change, so don’t be surprised when people you’ve met a long time ago say with regret that you’re not the same person anymore. Live your life so you can answer proudly: of course I’m not the same, I’m much, much better.

‘Be yourself’ it’s sometimes the worst advice you can give to some people, I’d love to see encouragement when a good behaviour shows up and social punishment when devious acts appear. ImageBoth appreciation and critique should become part of our daily life, it’s up to us to change ourselves and other for the better, for instance: how many times did you point to a stranger that it’s wrong to toss an empty plastic bottle on the street? How many times did you congratulate someone on not littering cigarette bums on the street?
Speak up, people! That’s what makes the difference!
Paying attention to others, encouraging or correcting someone’s behaviour are equally important in everyday life if we want to see change happening.Image

Romania it’s the ultimate land of ignorance. No one gives a fuck about the people around them, they all live from one day to the other, exploiting the nature and this earth like they have another planet to live on.

You think this is true? Maybe. It’s the good and the bad kind of maybe, since Romania it’s not the only country where this happens, however, it’s a country where you also find people who care. A LOT of them. They’re just too shy and quiet. They think the worst about their neighbours and the society, judging solely based on the messages they receive from this sick media of ours. Proactivity is unknown to them, they settle for the average life standards and they build social walls around their families forgetting to put some windows to see that the walls other people build are made from the same material and inside those everyone has a beautiful garden.

This amazing country I live in it’s in a metaphorically paradox of hell and paradise combined. People are beautiful, smart and powerful, but they forgot how to explore this about themselves. Each one has his secret garden getaway from the daily life, but when they look around they see only the walls others build, the same walls they’ve built, no windows, no doors, just dog shit and grim views.

Walls can be climbed, walls can be destroyed, walls fall.

It’s up to each and every one of us to get out of our comfort zone and see that we’re not that different. We should stop thinking negatively about others before we even interact with them.

Learn to LISTEN, learn to SPEAK. It’s that easy.

If you’re inclined to believe that everything is bad around you and everyone is mean and heartless, you will see that in every message that reaches up to you.
No one is born bad, everyone has a story they’re yearning to tell, but we all listen to little and when we do we only pretend to understand. I did that too, but I try to avoid doing it again in the future. Image
Tune down the voices in you head that say for instance that a tattooed young man is a loser and a pot head- that tattoo might honor his dead parents or a near death experience, he might be the future doctor who will save your kid’s life or your future son in law. Stop judging, start listening, this was just a random example, I bet you can find more.

This country of mine, full of don’t give a fuck-ers, is also the land of beautiful stories waiting to be discovered.

How can I ever hate this place who has so many amazing people to meet? You just thought of at least three reasons I should go away and never return, but I can look over the misery, the un-educated individuals, the corruption, the burdens of everyday life and the countless moments of “why am I still here?”, because at the end of the day, nothing can match finding someone like you to talk to, with good ideas to share, great advice to give and a lot of hopes for a better day.

Take this as a thank you for meeting me and telling me your story. Thank you for being in my news feed, in the magazines I read, at the places I visit and in my daily life. And you are so many! How can I lose hope that Romania will get better when I see good ideas put into action everyday, positive feed back on social activities and many, oh-so-many, new faces that get involved in their community, bringing good vibes and smiles for everyone?

We are the power, we are many and we can change together for the better, just listen to the people around you, get to know them and realise you are NOT alone…

..then speak up your mind and act accordingly!

If you’re also addicted to collecting inspirational photos, have some of my favorites on this subject 🙂
Save them and read them again sometime!


















Fancy party glasses-HIS

19 Jan

Astazi va arat cum am facut paharele recent apreciate pe Facebook de catre prietenii mei. Le puteti inchiria/comanda pentru evenimente speciale de la Creative Event (Disponibile in curand)

Produs final:


Pahare, glitter, lipici, lipici de sticla, lac protector, banda adeziva de hartie, banda adeziva normala foarte subtire, tulle, panglica si pietre decorative.



Am inceput prin a taia din banda de hartie un V adanc, am lipit pe mijlocul paharului(acolo unde vor veni apoi butoanele din pietre)


Apoi, am lipit banda adeziva si pe spatele paharului, cat sa se delimiteze portiunea pe care voi aplica glitter.
Lipiciul se aplica cel mai bine cu o pensula, in strat uniform.
La fel si glitterul, tot in strat uniform trebuie aplicat si el. Dupa ce il aplicati, intoarceti paharul cu gura in jos si scuturati excesul.
Lasati asa pana se usuca si apoi pulverizati lacul protector! Atentie! Daca pulverizati si in alta parte decat peste portiunea cu glitter, e posibil sa se pateze paharul si sa arate ca si cum ar fi murdar. Lipiti cu incredere banda adeziva oriunde mai vedeti sticla 🙂


Dupa ce s-a uscat, desfaceti cu atentie benzile adezive.
O sa va ramana portiunea curata de pe mijloc unde trebuie sa lipiti pietrele decorative. Eu am ales 3 bucati care imita cristalul. Sunt lipite cu adeziv pt sticla(super glue puternic) – Aveti grija sa nu puneti prea mult lipici si sa se intinda cand apasati piatra peste pahar!!


Ultimul lucru pe care trebuie sa-l faceti e sa decupati o bucata de panglica si sa faceti o funda la baza paharului. Lipiti cu super-glue si e gata!!

Pentru paharul “Ei”, tineti aproape 🙂 il postez in curand!

The goodbye you never want.

18 Sep

I’ve been trying to write this for a week i guess, but now that I do it’s too late and God alone stands witness that it shall never be a good time again. I never liked goodbyes, the worst of all still bear the “last” before them.

It is indeed beauty in life, especially when you realize how fragile and small it is. Nevertheless, it is never insignificant. No matter the amount of joy and laughter in it, it still ends in tears…or at least it should, a friend to laugh with you, a friend to cry for you…and this is what matters in the end…it matters who remembers.

My goodbye goes to our dear friend Jan, a dad, a teacher and a good entertainer. Now a shadow. A shadow still in his last days, though i didn’t see him, else i would have said a proper goodbye, or at least cry…both good enough. I did learn something from him, even so. He came at peace with his disease and embraced the nonexistence that loomed over. He knew his time is near and he said his goodbyes.

No matter how many miles stay between you, the last goodbye you hear. A whisper, a cry, a simple word or just a thought. You’ve said tem, and those who they’re meant for know you did.

This kind of scenario actually gives you time to get used to the idea, to exchange a few last words and recall a lot more memories…but it’s a long and painful ride too, a constant fight to find something that would end it well.. oh fools that we are, only the great silence ends it well, the rest are mere failures… I can’t judge the amount of pain in it, but my dearest people died that way and I’m to be subjective. How painful is it to hug someone and fear you’ll never see him again? The worst part is waiting for it to happen: “maybe today”, “he won’t make it through the night”, “please, make it tomorrow”…

However, it happened the other way to. No time to think, no time to talk, I could only hear a mother’s cry then. Her pain made her shiver and scream, for she lost her only daughter. Around us the air was filled with whispers compared to her cry. Angry words or not, they were goodbyes underneath all the vowels.

Silent goodbyes, like my own.

If you know your future, what will you do with it?

22 Jul

It’s hard not to have an opinion about fortunetellers, psychics, astrologers and all kind of esoteric  related workers, be it pro or against them. Either way, it’s hard to gather proof supporting those sides, mainly because of the highly individualized nature of the information available in this situations. Most of the times, you can’t say a reading is entirely true or false, except the moment when you’re dealing with an obvious fraud.

Going to the fortuneteller maybe be a soothing experience for some, a funny, questionable adventure for others, but from what I’ve come across, for the most people, getting your fortune told is a disturbing experience, after which you feel insecure, scared, unsure of what you are and what you want in life, mainly because the reader tells you things you weren’t expecting, things you never thought about, things you thought about but immediately sent  in the deepest part of your subconscious, things that you don’t want to happen, imminent dangers or simply sad expectations.

My position is somewhere in the middle between believing it and considering it a lie. I think that everything you do leaves at least an energetic mark in you, and all your past can be recalled by your mind with it’s powerful and still insufficient explored ways; all you did, felt, feared and though can be re actualized by your conscious mind under some special conditions.

Given the fact that human mind is one of the most powerful things in this universe, I think that some gifted people have the possibility to feel and understand the energy traces left in your body, thus being able to know you and your past, with all the things you want to hide or the things you are not aware of.

However, when it comes to predicting the future, you have no sign of it, because it didn’t happen. As stated, there can only be a prediction. Using psychology, astrology, pure luck guessing or other stuff, you can come up with some possible ways an individual can act, considering his past. Everything you say about someone’s future can be doubted, any action or feeling you can think of is subdue to chance, and there is a chance that it won’t happen.

I think that fortunetellers show you the most probable way of life you will have, given the information from your past. Sometimes, it becomes true because you want it to happen that way, sometimes it gets real because you fear it so much. Sometimes, it never occurs.

I think about predictions, being it psychic or astrological, like this: What they tell me  is the way my life will happen if I do nothing to change the premises. It’s the pattern I will fall into if I do nothing to change what I don’t like about it, my biggest fears materialized if I do nothing to overcome them.

In case you come across a reading that is not bad but only disturbing, I’m telling you this: If it concerns a part of your life that it’s only up to you to decide, nothing that you don’t want to happen will happen, unless you give into fear and do things you are not pleased with and you don’t really want in your life. We have free will, we are the masters of our destiny in wide way, we can work with the most disadvantageous premises and still make a good turn out for the events that were supposed to end up badly.

Nothing in your power to control will end up badly if you don’t want it that way. That should be enough to make the fear go away and give you the power to see the facts straight and real, to know what you have to work with.

All I wrote is just an opinion, my way of explaining this kind of things to myself. Like all opinions, it may change, sooner or later. I don’t want you to judge it harshly, I want you to tell me how you explain this kind of things to yourself,

but more important, I want to know if you really want to know your future.

I want your attention because you need my vote!

21 Jul

When I say 29 July, I recall some awesome memories. However, this year will be an awkward day, and I HATE the politicians for ruining it with the referendum for impeaching the president. I don’t know that much about politics, I may not speak accurate about it but I speak justified for the sake of this one right we have that politicians forget the first; let’s call it the “HELLo, I leave here!”-right.

Yes, HELLo dear politicians, I live here. I am young and confused, I don’t know what to vote on 29’th July, because you kind of ruined every good thing i thought of you (USL) and you don’t give a shit about making yourself look better in front of us (PDL). I can vote YES and say goodbye to Basescu, I can vote NO, and keep him there for some time.

As far as I feel now, If I vote YES, something I want to do actually, I feel I’m leaving my beloved Romania in the hands of some young leaders who, not knowing what do to with so much power, will take the worst advice possible from their “political parents” or start fighting over that power and tear democracy apart. I really fear that, recently.

I want Basescu out, he was no good, but he could have been worse. However, I am not convinced that what will come after him will be better. I want Basescu out, but I also want an alternative to USL, a fresh new one, I want to see people I believe in, people I can trust, people that discuss real politics, not just plagiarism bullshit or European Union self-made problems (problems which they wouldn’t have if they discussed real politics!!!)

I want that the politicians can understand this: If i vote YES, I’m saying goodbye Basescu, not Hello USL.

On the other hand, if I vote NO, and keep Basescu in place, he’s not going to be there long, because at the next proper elections people will want to see a change. Still, he has enough time, that under the pressure of UE, to make things worse for Romanian people.

If I refuse to go and vote or vote blank, considering the local habits, I think my vote will actually go to either yes or no, to whomever has more money involved there, and in the case i don’t go, others will vote for me and I DON’T have the right to complain about politics anymore.

I love my country, but with this vote I feel I’m rescuing a poor, sick and wounded animal from a master who keeps it strangled in a leash and taking him, feeding it to the starving wolves.

I told you already, Hello, I leave here. Now to translate it to you, corrupt, selfish, greedy politicians, HELL-NO, I don’t want you here!

PS: If you ask yourself why I wrote this post in English, it’s because you don’t deserve to talk or be talked to in such a beautiful language like Romanian, your lies and lack of common sense or decency outrage me, and I don’t want to poison our beautiful words by swearing at you.