Red & gray glitter nails

3 Nov

Here’s a cool idea for weekend festive nails:
Get a red nailpolish, a grey one and another one with red and grey glitter.


I wanted to have a hint of colour only on my ring fingers, therefore I applied the grey nailpolish in two layers on every nail except those two fingers where I applied one layer of deep red polish.
On top of every nail I added a layer of glitter, and as you can see the base colour brings out different particles from the glitter polish, you could even say I used two different glitter shades!
Don’t forget to add a top coat to protect the colours!

Smart TIP: to get a cheap nailpolish to last longer, use glitter on top. (Glitter polishes wear off harder than a normal polish)

I used cheap nailpolishes for this manicure but I will do it again with better products, maybe to wear a similar idea for the Christmas party!

Here’s what I ended up with, where would you wear this kind of nails?



One Response to “Red & gray glitter nails”

  1. Must Have Boxes November 5, 2013 at 06:37 #

    Great mani!

    – KW

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