Time with myself

8 Feb

Sometimes, there’s nothing left to do but to spend some time with yourself. That can actually become the best part of your day, if you can find the time to think of nothing but you. Since I’m not going out with the -20 degrees happening here, I started browsing my documents and my written agendas for memories. I love my memories, sometimes I forget how I felt and all I need to do is to read again those few words I wrote. Recently, I miss high school. I didn’t figure out what was so amazing then, but I love the memories I have from those times.

The best thing about looking into old stuff is that I realize how much I changed. I’m not afraid to admit it, I changed and I won’t stop changing myself ever, mainly because I think that someone should improve himself all the time. It’s good to keep a diary, or at least to write down stuff just now and then and after a while to read it again and see if it’s still true or not.

Tonight, I’m staying home with myself. I will look into old photo albums, read my old diary and think about how I changed.

Old picture…from 2006


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