Winter is not what it used to be…

6 Feb

I remember pretty clear my thoughts last summer. I wanted winter, a lot of snow,blizzard and cold weather. Now that I have it, I find it quite hard to enjoy it like I thought I would. The authorities struggle in their fight with the cold weather and it’s pretty clear for all of us that they don’t succeed. However, I want to remind you what it’s beautiful about winter time.

I was home in Buzau for the weekend, traveling by train of course because the roads were closed, and I had a lot of fun with the snow. A Spanish friend of mine, Elena, came with me and this season for her was the first one when she had to live with snow.  I remembered how awesome was my childhood, how my grandpa used to take me and my brother out for a walk in the park and how I first learned to skate on ice.

I did enjoy walking around our little frozen town, I went in the park and I walked on the frozen lake, I sat in the frozen swings and everything around me was frozen, but my heart was warm and that was all it mattered. A hot cup of tea was the perfect ending of an evening in cold 🙂

Next day, we went to the skate park and I taught Elena how to skate on ice, she did very very well for someone who lives without ice all year. It was a great exercise for my body and I wish I could skate more often. I remembered how amazing were the skating nights when I was in high school and I realized how much I miss those times.

Yesterday evening we went out to play pool at the mall and on our way back we found a very pretty dog who followed us home and played with us all the way. We gave him something to eat and then said good bye,  hoping to see him again in the morning but he was gone…

All in all, I sadly admit that people nowadays forgot how to enjoy winter. I didn’t see children with their parents out for a walk with the sleigh, the ice skate park was almost empty, so were the streets of the city.

People, what happened to you? don’t you remember how you used to enjoy winter in your childhood? Is your mind full of worries like the streets are of snow?

Have a lovely winter.


2 Responses to “Winter is not what it used to be…”

  1. timmy February 6, 2012 at 21:45 #

    wOw! there is acctually alot of truth here, people do seem less eager to go out and enjoy the world for what it is. However not everybody is like that -me for one-
    I love going outside with my little brothers to make snowmen and just have fun. 😀 X

  2. roxilazar February 7, 2012 at 13:16 #

    Very good! Unfortunately, snow here is not suitable to make snowmen or snowballs, and the wind blows really hard, i think it’s over 50 KM/h…that’s the reason many people don’t leave the house…

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