To be or not to be tired

24 Jan

Tonight, I feel tired. I’d normally say it’s because of the lack of sleep, but this time I think the main reason I feel tired is the large amount of time I spent in front of the computer. I finally have a Facebook Group, it’s called Beauty Hunters and I invite you all to join me there for more beauty sharing.[I worked for this all day]

However, back to the subject of being tired, I advise you to avoid doing the same thing I did today.

My advice on how to behave at home, in front of the pc:

Once in a while [1time/hour i think it’s fine], go away from the computer,

walk around the house,

drink one glass of water,

look outside the window for 1 minute,

do 10 sit-ups and stretch for 2 mins.

While sitting down in front of the computer, keep your shoulders down and your spine straight. Even if you feel pain at first, it’s only because you’ve been sitting in the wrong position for who knows how long[maybe years!!]. You’ll thank me after, when you’ll get used to having a straight pose [and look better in pictures]. I had quite a hard time doing it, but I now try to stay in a healthy position for the most time of the day.

Remember to eat, and if you’re a night birdie like me, try to schedule your meals so you eat last time 3 h before going to bed. Don’t eat high calories or high sugar food, avoid fat and cafeine after the sun sets. [in winter, let’s say after 9 pm:)]. If you are hungry, eat small meals once every 2-3 h, or drink water instead!

But most importantly, go to sleep. There’s nothing better than a good night sleep, or if you’re in my category, a sleep from 2am to 10 pm (yes, for me is healthy to sleep 10 h/night). The best advice I can give you for a good refreshing sleep is to go to bed thinking you’re going to sleep, not with all your problems in mind. Let your subconscious solve your problems while you rest.

I hope I was somehow useful. If you have tips for me, I’d be grateful to hear them.

Good night,



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