Romania- brief description about protests *At least we have a voice…

16 Jan

Romania is one of a kind….so twisted, so strange, so attractive and so repulsive at the same time…I’m not sure what feelings I have for my country, I’m still discovering it and these are my latest thoughts on it’s people. ROMANIANS do have a voice. They are all a bunch of drama queens who suffer in silence for a long time and make a huge scandal once in a while. I’m not sure if you know what’s happening here at his moment, but today was the 4th day of protests downtown and I couldn’t miss it. I wanted to go there since the first day but I was gone to Buzau, my home town.

I went to the University for 2 hours, unfortunately I left just before the big crowd of students arrived…[i didn’t knew they were supposed to come :)]

On my way, I heard a lot of people discussing about the events in the following manner: “I’d go there just to get in a fight!!!”- this is the quote of a young man and I don’t want to comment it. When I arrived I listened to the people shouting louder and louder and one of their favorites was “Down with Basescu!!!” – an old man passing by replied in a softer voice, mumbling  – “..yell until you slim down..”

People were scattered here and there and the police were standing between the larger groups, attentively observing the atmosphere. Those who shouted louder were in the front, and there were a few people in the back who were trying to provoke others to shout as well. A few girls were striking a pose for a photographer…

One particular event caught my attention: I was passing by a group of young men [no more than 10] who, while passing near the police started yelling “GIVE US LEGAL DRUGS!!YEYYYYYYYY!!!”[my reaction: you don’t say…9gaggers know]// they were instantly taken to a side and questioned. I followed them and I heard that it was the second time the police took their data…now that was sooo “unexpected” :))

Overall, I’d say the television amplifies all the conflicts more than they should… A few friends advised me not to go there, to be careful, to be quiet etc.. Nothing happened to me people!! chill!! As far as I noticed, the guards took only those who were too loud for the crowd, who stood out and started being violent… maybe i chose the wrong time to be there and the “party” didn’t start yet but the violence i expected to find wasn’t there… people were quiet, except a handful of guys who were yelling louder – i personally suspect them to be football supporters 🙂

This post is written just to give you a hint, as objective as possible, about the atmosphere downtown. I don’t want to judge them, I just told you what I saw…


2 Responses to “Romania- brief description about protests *At least we have a voice…”

  1. Litereşicifre January 16, 2012 at 22:44 #

    N-o să fie violent în seara asta. Devine permanent, nu mai merge cu bâta şi gazele. În seara asta jandarmii s-au purtat mult mai bine decât ieri.

  2. incaunipocrit January 17, 2012 at 22:50 #

    Reblogged this on Basil Wheel.

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