I wish you….no really, i DO.

27 Dec

Well, since 2012 is almost here, it’s time to do the same as everybody else and wish you something for this new year that’s yet to come. Santa may have brought you what you wanted (or not) but try to see things like this: If you make a wish, make sure YOU make it happen. Stop blaming others for what you don’t have or for what you cannot achieve. I’m pretty sure you can accomplish everything you want, so I start by wishing you the COURAGE to stand up to all the stereotypes and judgmental people and DO whatever you want, fulfilling your dreams.

I wish you freedom, adventure and great friendships.

I wish you a clear mind, to see great opportunities and ideas.

I wish you an open heart, to welcome in everyone who deserves it and to take out those who cause you pain.

I wish you great health, so you can focus on your dreams without any obstacles.

I wish you calm when everything fails around you and strength to start over.

I wish that you enjoy beauty everyday, in any form.

I wish that if the moment comes, you will be able to stand for the things you believe in.

I wish that you won’t give a fuck about miscellaneous things.

but most importantly, i wish you LOVE. Strange, original, crazy…..you name it. I wish that next year you’ll enjoy love, the love you want and you deserve. The kind of guy that kisses you in the middle of the street for no reason. [be that guy or get that guy].

so, have a great year and make 2012 the biggest adventure of your life.

I love you all,



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