I don’t give a fuck

15 Dec

On my list of values, freedom comes first. That’s why I consistently try to keep my mind open and my heart in command of what I do. Not giving a fuck about the problems you face is in my opinion an art that few people master. It’s my goal to be emotionally detached from problems and not to be involved in things that hurt me, physically and psychically.

Life is great if you just stop for a second and look around, if you give it a chance to dazzle and amaze you. I’m not saying that work is bad, on the contrary, not giving a fuck about work problems and solving them with calm gives you in the end the energy to keep doing what you do, if there is no other motivation involved.

Stop and think about the things that bother you, about the things you give a fuck for.

Are they really that important and rewarding for you?

Are you sure paying that much interest in an action gives you the feedback you’re looking for?

Does what you do reflect who you are?

Do you find pleasure in everyday life, such as random activities during a day?

How satisfying is your life until now?

How many negative answers you gave me so far?

Have I made you rethink your daily agenda? Because that’s what I’m trying to do here. I try to motivate you to stop giving a fuck about the things that are not worth it and to change them into meaningful stuff.

In my case, what I do best in the process to reduce the fucks I give about insignificant things is the fact that I [almost] always do whatever I want to do. Why would I do something I’m not thrilled and passionate about? What’s there to lose in doing or avoiding something? You shouldn’t think that I’m completely out of  common sense or that I’m careless about everything, I’m just telling you that I try to stay focused on what matters to me, I try to be free and to enjoy life, one day at a time. I find this attitude a winning strategy in dealing with contemporary lifestyle, because your mind needs a break from the fast forward rhythm and a reboot and refocus on what makes you happy.

Even though I asked more questions than the answers I gave, I still think that being a beautiful no-fucks giver is a personal matter to deal with and one should look deep within his life and analyse the relationship between one’s actions and one’s satisfactions, to see if the payback is worth the effort.

Have I made myself clear?…well, if not, I don’t give a fuck. :))


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