6 Dec

Well, since this is my blog, I can also write about what I do for living…or at least about what I hope I’ll do. The important thing in this case is that I work as a volunteer for the InDArt Theatre. I saw an announcement they made a few years ago,  stating that they were looking for a scenograph. At that time being,  I wanted to be a scenograph, but had no clue what so ever about it. However, I sent immediately a message sharing the fact that I have no idea what sceneograpy means but I’m more than interested in learning and I also know how to make costumes and make-up.

Now that you now how I ended up being a costume designer and a MUA(Make up Artist) for the theater, let me tell you about our latest experience.

We have a new play, “Tango, Monsieur?” and we went on tour with it to Bacau. Our lovely host was the Bacovia Theatre but special thanks go to Alexandra’s parents, the Timofte family.

The beautiful thing here is the fact that a trip like this made us bond a little more, we spent time together doing other stuff than rehearsing and I personally got to know a little better my colleagues. As a piece of advice, never back down from a trip to Moldova, you’ll always be satisfied if not by the awesome food, at least by the drinks and atmosphere!

I’m not going to tell you what our play is about, because this is not an advertisment for it. You can find the details about it here, or you can follow the play on Facebook, for the next events. (December 11th at Tonka Cafe)

This time, the post is just to say thank you to my beautiful friends from the theater, here it goes:

Thank you: Dan Simion, Bogdan Gagu, Silvia Gagu, Alecsandra Timofte, Andreea Maletici, Adriana Gulutanu, Alin Brancu, Catalin Stelian, Ciprian Niculae, Razvan Plaiasu, Stefan Cociorvei and not to forget, Alecsandra’s family! Thank you all for a lovely trip and a great weekend. Love you all!

still, take a peek here at the video from Bacau

… or the news article.

And for those who speak italian, these are the words of Aldo lo Castro, the writer of the play. His impression on the romanian interpretation of his play: “Bogdan Gagu, con una regia attenta, scrupolosa e frizzante, ha messo in scena un eccellente “Tango, monsieur”. La pièce è stata resa accattivante e godibile dalla brillante prestazione di tutti gli attori (splendide, le quattro attrici protagoniste) che si sono destreggiati con disinvoltura nel gioco dei tempi e ritmi, imposto dal regista.”
Aldo Lo Castro


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