Is beauty enough?

6 Nov

I’m still thinking wether true beauty is unique or it can be revealed in two or more exemplaries. I’m not sure if uniqueness implies beauty or not, but as far as I observed, the beauty that catches the eye is somewhat unique. The 21’st century really gives us choices and possibilities to express ourselves that people in the past didn’t have. However, these are not endless posibilities, therefore your choices are limited. For example, buying a dress from H&M, a dress that fits you perfectly, a dress that you chose to wear with classic black Louboutin’s, that dress doesn’t make you unique (because there are another million dresses and another million black Louboutin’s) but it makes you pretty. The question is, is it enough to be pretty?

What makes you happy? being unique or being beautiful regardless of the circumstances? …. let’s solve this mistery together.

Here’s a very beautiful girl wearing an inspiring outfit for an autumn day. Check her out at:


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