The first thing about beauty

15 Oct

Have you ever thought that you haven’t seen a truly beautiful thing in a while? Well, let me help you.

Grab a mirror and look carefully. YOU are beautiful. Look deep, try to focus on yourself for a minute or two. Study yourself and avoid judgement. Listen to the sound of your heart. Feel your breath. Analize the colors of your eyes, hair and skin. YOU are perfect just the way you are. Smile.

At first to begin with, life is the main source of beauty. Being perfect in so many ways, life gives us lessons to learn about what really matters. Just like an apple, a shiny outside can hide a rotten core, or the other way around, a stainy surface hides a tasteful inside. However, that is not enough. YOU need to become a perfect shiny apple with the most delicious flavour. That’s what I want you to be. YOU have it in you. Just stop judging yourself and let yourself free. Unleash your beauty, let everyone else see what YOU really are.**

Do you need minor adjustments? I’m here to help. Do you need a change in your life? I’m here to support you. Do you need a new beginning? I’m here to help you grow just the way you want. Look around. There are so many other people that would do the same for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Helping each other become better is a beautiful thing to do.

“You don’t have to defeat others in order to maintain yourself.” The more you grow, the more your friends grow. This is the way it should work.

Being beautiful and better is just like lighting a candle. The more you share, the more it adds up and grows. I Invite YOU to become a beauty-source for the people around you. Let me know how that went!!

**Check out this post and reconsider what you think about limitations. just inspiring!


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